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In Conclusion: Why The Write Up On Hormonal imbalance?

I am writing for posterity. I believe it will come in handy for somebody someday, even when I am long gone. I must not fail to say this: That throughout the period of my life that I was going through... Continue Reading →


Surviving Hyperthyroidism – Part 5: Meeting My God-Sent Doctor Was Scary!

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that cannot be fully captured in words. Many things are wrong with you at the same time I must apologize for the delay in my wrap up story... It's been a hectic and wildly demanding period... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 4: Thyroidism – When all drugs failed!

My heart felt like an engine about to knock! There was this other terrible night I cannot forget in a hurry... From around 11pm I was in great  discomfort. My heartbeats were irregular and my heart felt like an engine that... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 3: My Struggles With Thyroidism

I passed out... my husband and children were crying... Then began my trips to hospitals, both orthodox and alternative. There are a few of the experiences that are vividly ingrained in my memory.   Because of the short breath I... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 2: When Supplements, Waterleaf, Stewless Rice Became My Food

  I  cried: 'When did my life become like this?' Apart from toxins that needed to be flushed out of my system, I had Hormonal Imbalance. I told her I had treated it before. She recommended I buy  certain supplements... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance: How I Learnt The Very Hard Way

A true life story of a journey through "the valley of the shadows of death" as the writer moved from a young girl to a wife and then a mother - and all the inconveniences of ignorance, health hazards and pain-streaked encounters with hormonal imbalance. The lot of millions of women, and some men!

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