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Angels of Hope

Today Is David’s 5th Birthday… As He Gets Ready For Heart Surgery!

Today, June 8, little David Adewale Oni is five years  old! Congratulations!   Today, the little fella with a hole in the heart is largely unaware of the battle raging to save his life... he cannot tell numerous kindhearted Nigerian... Continue Reading →


Oh David! In Pains Since Age 37 Days!

...Needs N3m For 'Hole in the heart' Surgery!  The story of little David Adewale Oni is simple,  almost common. But the anguish, fears and helplessness of his parents are far from simple,  and certainly uncommon.   David will be 5... Continue Reading →

How To Stand Tall Even At Your Lowest Point

This is the story of my life as knocked into shape by a five-year period during which things were so low for my family that I practically had no legs to walk on… That I was so hopelessly helpless I couldn't muster the energy to ask friends or others for help.

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