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In Conclusion: Why The Write Up On Hormonal imbalance?

I am writing for posterity. I believe it will come in handy for somebody someday, even when I am long gone. I must not fail to say this: That throughout the period of my life that I was going through... Continue Reading →

Today Is David’s 5th Birthday… As He Gets Ready For Heart Surgery!

Today, June 8, little David Adewale Oni is five years  old! Congratulations!   Today, the little fella with a hole in the heart is largely unaware of the battle raging to save his life... he cannot tell numerous kindhearted Nigerian... Continue Reading →

Surviving Hyperthyroidism – Part 5: Meeting My God-Sent Doctor Was Scary!

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that cannot be fully captured in words. Many things are wrong with you at the same time I must apologize for the delay in my wrap up story... It's been a hectic and wildly demanding period... Continue Reading →

Oh David! In Pains Since Age 37 Days!

...Needs N3m For 'Hole in the heart' Surgery!  The story of little David Adewale Oni is simple,  almost common. But the anguish, fears and helplessness of his parents are far from simple,  and certainly uncommon.   David will be 5... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 4: Thyroidism – When all drugs failed!

My heart felt like an engine about to knock! There was this other terrible night I cannot forget in a hurry... From around 11pm I was in great  discomfort. My heartbeats were irregular and my heart felt like an engine that... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 3: My Struggles With Thyroidism

I passed out... my husband and children were crying... Then began my trips to hospitals, both orthodox and alternative. There are a few of the experiences that are vividly ingrained in my memory.   Because of the short breath I... Continue Reading →

Hormonal Imbalance Part 2: When Supplements, Waterleaf, Stewless Rice Became My Food

  I  cried: 'When did my life become like this?' Apart from toxins that needed to be flushed out of my system, I had Hormonal Imbalance. I told her I had treated it before. She recommended I buy  certain supplements... Continue Reading →

How pornography ruined entire family

Some people do not take sex addiction seriously. Or they think a Christian cannot be struggling with such a lustful thing. This story reveals how man’s addiction to pornography and lust ruined his daughter’s and wife’s life.

Hormonal Imbalance: How I Learnt The Very Hard Way

A true life story of a journey through "the valley of the shadows of death" as the writer moved from a young girl to a wife and then a mother - and all the inconveniences of ignorance, health hazards and pain-streaked encounters with hormonal imbalance. The lot of millions of women, and some men!

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